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Oasis Church gathers for worship every Sunday morning at a home in Izumiotsu City.  While our worship gatherings are different each week, here is what you can expect if you decide to join us.

Our worship gatherings are casual and informal, but that doesn't mean we don't take things seriously. We are committed to seeking Jesus and becoming the people that He wants us to be.  To that end, we want to make good use of our time together so that we can grow into fully devoted disciples of Jesus.

​We often start with a worship activity that helps us to focus our hearts and minds on Jesus.  This will usually be a time of singing worship songs to the Lord, but occasionally we will worship through reading scripture, being still before God, or expressing our praise through prayer.  In all of these activities, we also want to listen to voice of the Holy Spirit.

Each week we also want to spend time learning from the Bible.  This sometime includes getting into small groups to share what Jesus is speaking to us through His Word.  We might also have a teaching time that will give people further opportunity to discuss various aspects of the Christian life.  

Of course, we also like to pray together.  Sometimes we do this in small groups as we pray for one another, or sometimes the whole group will pray together.  Either way, talking to God is an important way that we grow in relationship with Him.

Finally, we often share a meal together after the worship service.  Everyone in invited to stay for lunch and enjoy getting to know one another over a home-made meal.

Children are welcome to attend.  Older kids are invited to join the adults while younger children are able to hang out in an adjacent room.

We try to do everything bilingually (Japanese and English).  While this sometimes makes discussion times a little tricky, we believe that this international aspect of the church is one of the unique blessings of Oasis.

If this sounds like the kind of worship gathering that you would like to attend, won't you please consider joining us?  Whether you are a Japanese-speaker or English speaker, a Christian or someone who is just interested in learning about Jesus, everyone is welcome at Oasis Church. 

For more directions on how to find us, please see our DIRECTIONS page.

You can also e-mail us at

​Call Us (in Japan): (0725) 22-3525   /   /   1-22 Ueno-cho   Izumiotsu City, Osaka, JAPAN  595-0046

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