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Oasis Church is conveniently located in Izumiotsu City, about half way between Osaka and Kansai Airport.

When Coming By Train

Take the Nankai Main Line (or Airport Line) to Izumiotsu Station.  This is an express station, so if you are coming a long distance, an EXPRESS (or AIRPORT EXPRESS) train is recommended.  Here are the fares and approximate times it takes by EXPRESS train from some of the major stations along the Nankai Main Line:

* Namba Stn. (430 yen/ 20 mins.)

* Shinimamiya Stn. (370 yen/ 18 mins.)​

* Sakai Stn. (250 yen/ 10 mins.)​

* Kishiwada Stn. (200 yen/ 10 mins.)​

* Izumisano Stn. (320 yen/ 15 mins.)​

Once you arrive at Izumiotsu Station, exit the station via the West Exit (西出口) and follow the map to the right.  You can also print out or download a .pdf map to the the church.  Noji's house (Oasis Church) is about an 8 minute walk from the station.

When Coming By Car

If you would like to drive to Oasis Church, then you will have to use one of the near-by coin parking lots and walk to Noji's house (Oasis Church) from there.  Check out this .pdf map to see the various parking locations.​


Important Reminder: Our gathering starts at 10:30am.


Phone number (0725) 22-3525

Address 1-22 Ueno-cho Izumiotsu City  595-0046

Address in Japanese 〒595-0046 大阪府泉大津市上之町1-22


This is what Noji's house looks like.  When you find it, come on in!

​Call Us (in Japan): (0725) 22-3525   /   /   1-22 Ueno-cho   Izumiotsu City, Osaka, JAPAN  595-0046

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